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vrijdag 27 mei, 20.00 - 22.00 uur




Topic of discussion

How to clear karma in honorable manner: During the Level 3 (4th Session) in 11/1990 the Master presented the concept of “Giải nghiệp trong danh dự” which means to clear karma in honorable manner. Besides answering and clarifying the student’s questions about the Fundamentals/Techniques of the Basic Level (01-HUE), we will have a discussion on this interesting and profound topic.


Date/Time: Friday 27 May 2016 at 13:00h–15:00h (STL) = 20:00 - 22:00 hr (Dutch Timezone)

Language: English

Instructed by: Mr. Vu Tran & Mr. Stan Brooks

Fee: USD 25.00 per person

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